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Our MLA will resign if seen involved in corruption: PRJA Party, Imphal, Manipur

Pradip Bhandari, the CEO and founder of Jan Ki Baat in his live reporting from Imphal, Manipur talked to the supporters or Irom Sharmila’s PRJA Party about the corruption prevalent in Manipur and how PRJA party is different from other parties.

Manipur is going to polls on the 4th and 8th of March. This elections Imphal has witnessed the dawn of PRJA (Peoples insurgence and justice alliance) party which is quite popular. The main issue that the party raises is that of corruption. It is said that corruption is seen in the blood, soil, water and even the air of Manipur. There is no accountability in the government. And the corrupt officials are almost open about it.

The PRJA party is contesting at 3 constituencies and they are confident to win two of them. It is different from the other parties because it is generating money through an online crowd-fund source which is also aimed at ending muscle and money power in elections. Their aim is to change the system for better. They have surpassed their online fund collection by generating Rs.22 lakhs and each rupee is accounted for. This online fund platform is run by Kunal Kapoor.

It was Irom Sharmila’s decision to bring about the party and the PRJA Party supporters have decided to stick with her and promote her struggle. Youth leader and PRJA Party candidate Erendro Leichonbam will be able to act as a youth face and is the most qualified candidate according to Party supporter Christopher. He has even filed an affidavit according to which if he is proved to be corrupt as an MLA, he will instantly resign from the post.

PRJA Party is competing against two heavy-weights that is, INC and the new entrant BJP, but still PRJA Party supporter Christopher is of the opinion that he has 40% of the youth supporting Erendro from his constituencies and people are aware of what is wrong and right so they will make the right decision.

Thus, PRJA Party has decided to take Politics as a root to come to people. The main issues of Imphal, Manipur is corruption in government employment. So, will the people support PRJA party in this elections?


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