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BJP’s Mass Contact Program and support in Manipur

Pradip Bhandari, in his live recordings from Manipur Elections 2017, reported the problems of corruption and joblessness in Manipur and what people expect from BJP.

A BJP leader talked about BJP’s Mass Contact Program wherein one week before the elections, BJP supporters go from door to door in constituencies across Manipur to talk to the families, distribute pamphlets and request the families to vote and support for BJP. This is called Mass Support Program or Booth Support Program. Under this scheme, BJP President Amit Shah visited 10 families in a constituency, talked to them and asked for their support in the upcoming elections. The journalists were thrilled by this action. Other leaders stay aloof from the masses but BJP is grounded and stays with the masses. Amit Shah’s move shows the same. He thus signed off for different meetings and encouraged the supporters to go to their respective constituencies and campaign for the elections till 11pm.

The supporters resounded with cheers for BJP President Amit Shah and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The BJP supporters said that they are quite confident that this time, the BJP would get absolute majority. Their future depends on BJP. The last 15 years under INC’s leadership hasn’t been according to the people’s taste. Lots of youth, women included showed their support for BJP. The Congress and BJP seem to be at equal footing this time. In Newspapers like the Imphal Times and Sanghai Express, front page advertisements of promises and allegations against both BJP and Congress are seen. Instances of corruption in giving tickets to undeserving candidates are frequent.

Manipur Elections is stategically very important and shouldn’t be ignored by the Delhi Media. Corruption and Joblessness emerged as the main problem of Imphal, Manipur. If BJP manages to win this election, this will be the second state in the North-east headed by the BJP. So, lets see which party manages to win this election!


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