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PRJA Party march in Thangmeiband- Imphal, Manipur

Pradip Bhandari, interviewed the campaigners in Thangmeiband, Imphal in the Manipur Elections 2017 where the PRJA (People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance) party was campaigning for the candidate from their constituency – Erendro Leichonbam.

Erendro Leichonbam who has returned back to India after travelling all the way from Haward and had gained a massive support of the citizens who dream of a corruption-free Manipur. The supporters were seen undertaking a walk-it-on campaign with traditional music and red flags. Thus, campaigning with paltry resources, this party has emerged and has connected with the citizens in a very unprecedented way. Erendro has quite a fan following among the masses.

Supporters said they are campaigning for Erendro since they have always believed that a youth would change Manipur. The emergence of Erendro has someone proved that the youth of Mainpur are not cynical or emphathetic. The only motto of the people is to restore justice in Manipur even if they have to sacrifice their life for it. Another youth said that this elections, he would show his support to PRJA Party and not to Congress or BJP.

Gitika, a supporter of PRJA Party said that in Manipur, there is a huge culture of paid voting. But in their march, they are asking the youth to show their support. They are contesting for three seats and they hope to win them.

PRJA Party is also trying to bring a new trend in reaching out to people by cycling through the streets of the constituency. Acoording to PRJA leaders, Irom Sharmila’s (the founder of PRJA party) passion for cycling has also shown her a way to get close to the people of her state and spread her vision and seek support for her party. Lets see what the future has in store for this youth led party!


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