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Quintessence Youth Summit 2017

Quintessence youth summit, or QYS as it’s fondly called, is the flagship event of Quintessence, the debating society of Northern India engineering college, IP university. Quintessence has previously organised 2 scintillating MUN conferences that have set stellar benchmarks of debate and discussion! An MUN is a stimulation of the United Nations, the world’s most prestigious conflict resolving and peacekeeping organisation whose tenets are international diplomacy and ties. The man behind the summit is Mr.Ayush Sinha.

Mr.Dinesh Singh addressed the gathering. In his inspiring speech, he raised the issue of development of the country and talked about the path which leads to development. Around a 100 years ago, Mahatma Gandhi addressed the students at Banaras Hindu University in front of the Viceroy. Gandhi, in his speech to Gokhle had promised him to roam around India inorder to understand the land. Mr.Singh urged the students to catch hold of the inner conscience or  the inner drumbeat and take decisions accordingly. He asked the masses fo pay heed to the inner voice and said that it would only listen to you if you are sincere in your desires.

Mr.Imam Umer Ilyashi from IP University also addressed the gathering and congratulated the students on organising a conference to discuss the International issues and urged them to host many such conferences throughout the country. In the times of Globalization we should be global citizens. He also glorified the ideals of ‘Swatch Bharat Swasth Bharat’ and asked the students to raise themselves over the caste and religious barriers. He praised the students of IP University who have claimed fame throught the world and earned a name for India. He vowed to always support the students in their endeavours.

Mr.Ayush Sinha, the Chairman and President of Quintessence Youth Summit declared the conference open by thanking the gathering.

The summit was conceptualised with the basic idea of development of the youth. It was co-partnered by Indian Youth Foundation, Delhi Youth Forum and other such platforms. The students gathered were of the age of 25 and lower. Jan Ki Baat reported live from the conference’s opening and wishes that the youth should organise many more such conferences for the budding entreprenuers, debators and speakers.


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