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Modi’s rally in Meerut

Pradip Bhandari, the CEO and founder of Jan ki Baat interviewed the citizens of Meerut about their demands and expectations from the BJP government and development in western Uttar Pradesh.

Meerut is considered to be the door of development in western Uttar Pradesh. For years, SP and Congress have been blaming each other for corruption and ruining the state. The SCAM which has been propagating in UP under the leadership of Samajwadi Party and Congress has to come to an end. Prime Minister-  Narendra Modi addressed a gathering of over 1 lakh people in Meerut in his rally.

The citizens showed a huge support and praised Narendra Modi for the scheme of demonetization in his attempt to fight corruption. The people are of the opinion that that Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav hasn’t really done anything for development in western Uttar Pradesh. The roads in western UP aren’t proper, there are instances of corruption, crimes and murders while there has been a considerable development in cities like Agra. The farmers are supporting Narendra Modi because they believe that BJP would cut down the loan they have to repay. Moreover, the youth demand employment in the town of Meerut. They are not willing to go to cities like Delhi or Dehradun for employment prospects. A large numbers of industries are shifting to states like Gujarat but the citizens don’t want to leave their homeland and wish that the BJP government would increase the employment prospects in their own city. The masses seemed disappointed with Akhilesh Yadav’s party, its work so far and its seemingly false slogan of ‘Kaam bolta hai.’ They are also supporting BJP because of Narendra Modi’s ideologies which encompasses every community. They are impressed by Modi’s grounded nature and his honest efforts.

Narendra Modi further promised that if the masses vote for BJP, it would clear all dues of sugarcane farmers within 14 days. For 40 years, the Congress fooled soldiers with its false promises. BJP implemented OROP for the sake of those who risked the lives for their country. Modi said that as long as he is here, he won’t rest and neither would he let corruption, the goons and murderers propagate easily here.


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