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Aam Aadmi Party workers against AAP

Pradip Bhandari, in an exclusive interview with ‘AAP Bachao Andolan’ members witnessed issues of corruption in the MCD election Ticket distributions of 2017 wherein the ground-level committed workers were ignored and the tickets were distributed to people showcasing muscle and money power. Moreover, the women workers associated with AAP for the last 4-5 years have not been payed heed to and the tickets have been given to the builder’s wives who had joined Aam Aadmi Party a merely 15 days ago.

The ‘AAP bachao andolan’ workers pointed out that there has been failure in financial transparency, issues of inner-party democracy and internal vigilance. There is a large 272 seats in the legistaures. AAP had previously reserved 50% of the seats for female workers. But today as Pratima Verma from Tilak Nagar constituency says, she had proposed the names of 5 women for the elections but none of the names proposed by her were considered for the elections. She has been working with AAP since the time of Anna Haraze but the leaders didn’t think it necessary to make an organization with women members.

Sukhlata Avarthi from Sangam Vihar constituency who has been working with Aam Aadmi Party for the past years has been ignored and the ticket is given to a builder’s wife from her ward. Priety Tiwari from Rajendranagar constituency has given 5 years of her life to the party yet AAP hasn’t given her the ticket since she doesn’t have the money power to buy the ticket.

Hence, the AAP is diverting away from its ideologies. Allegedly the AAP State of Affairs incharge Sanjay Singh has been involved in the the issues corruption in the poll ticket distribution of the party. The tickets are sold to influential people for over 50 lakh rupees. Praveen Deshmukh, another worker from AAP has been said to have sold the ticket to his landlord. Tickets have been given to Kumar builder’s wife. And many such instances. Another ‘AAP bachao andolan’ member said that there were 21 corrupt members in Punjab constituency and the tickets were alloted to all 21 of them. Similar trends are seen in Delhi as well.

The Andolan members urge Arvind Kejriwal to consider the ground level workers for the MCD poll tickets. They have been the prime members to dream of a corruption-free governance and have been associated with Aam Aadmi Party since 2013. It is futile to blame BJP or Congress for the party politics in order to overshadow the issues of corrution in AAP. They want to reach out to Arvind Kejriwal and seek clarification from him. The voices of the aam aadmi has been ignored in the Aam Aadmi Party. Will Kejriwal answer the members of ‘AAP bachao Andolan?


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