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MCD Election Poll Tickets sold by Sanjay Singh for 50 lakhs: AAP ground workers

Pradip Bhandari, interviews a group of AAP workers protesting against the corruption involved in the MCD Election poll ticket distribution in the party.

The AAP ground workers Mahavir Prasad, Nargish Ansari, Vinod Vats, Sashi Gautam, Kulveer Kaur Chauhan among others protested infront of the Aam Aadmi Party office demanding their right to contest in the MCD Elections. They protested against the Dummy Candidates who won their tickets in the elections on the basis of their muscle power and money power. Allegedly, party worker Sanjay Singh is involved in selling the tickets to these dummy candidates for a price ranging from 30 lakhs to 50 lakhs.

The tickets have been sold to the the wives of these corrupt officials and builders. Minister Praveen Deshmukh has sold tickets to his landlord. There has been registered cases of FIR 354 against one of the candidates the ticket has been sold to. These trends are similar to the one seen in the recent Punjab elections where the tickets were sold to the corrupt candidates proclaiming their money power. Whereas, the ground level workers who have been associated with AAP since 2011 and have been a supporter of Anna Haraze have been totally neglected. The members who have played their part in the movement for electricity are asked, ‘Where were they for the past 4 years?’  Moreover, they have been labelled as a group of protestors greedy for the tickets in the election polls. These members have valid AAP cards and have questioned Kejriwal as to, if Aam Aadmi Party came as an anti-corruption body, why did it go down to the level of selling tickets to dummy candidates and promoting corruption? Lots of questions remain unanswered. Will Kejriwal respond to these dissatisfied AAP workers?


In the heat of the moment, another protester questions, if Kejriwal had a government job and wasn’t really in need of money. He had come to ward off corruption, why did he accept the seat of a Chief Minister when could have made the other senior ministers contest for the seat? There is a lack of transparency and distrust in the AAP government and Arvind Kejriwal is indeed answerable to his sub-ordinate workers.


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