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Eyes and Ears camp: Helpers of the masses

Jan Ki Baat reached at the Eyes and ears camp organised in Model town, Delhi that aims to be of help for as many as 1000 people. Our CEO, Pradip bhandari, himself decided to visit the camp to cover this event and meet with the people as well as the organizers and found it true that indeed, the smallest things we see in life can and will effect people some way or the other. Jan ki baat interacted with the people who seek help, doctors, NGO workers and the people who are working together to make this event a success. A young man on the question of how is he feeling said, ” Yes, I can see clear now, definitely a help” and a daughter leaving the camp with her mother said, ” She(mother) feels very good. Yes, she can see now.” One of the doctors told us ” we aim at providing free equipments and facilities especially to those who can not afford to receive help.”

“People from small parts and villages are also coming” said another doctor while informing us.

On the question as to how many patients are showing up? He said, ” we see people everyday and we provide equipments which otherwise cost around 3-4000 rs. We could get to talk with the person who initiated this event, a member of Bhartiya Janata Party and the founder of the NGO ‘Jan sewa foundation’ stated, ” we work on the mantra of ‘antyodaya’ which means ‘to work for the development of every last person’, Jan sewa foundation has always tried to help when it comes to provide health facilities, whether the action is preventive or curative. Especially in areas where a person can’t move out due to financial helplessness or physical dysfunction, we try to organize the camp.”

It is needless to list why our eyes and ears are the gods of body parts because they both help us understand and witness the multi dimensional world in clearer way, making communication much easier. However, everyone is not as fortunate as others are. Some don’t have this precious gift of seeing or hearing since childhood due to undergrowth of body parts, while some lose it with the passage of time. Many other dignitaries from North Delhi supported this initiative. They came forward to show support. A member of Nigam Parishad, Seema Gupta expressed ” Ear machines are given for free and free eye equipments are given. It is like a new birth for them(people).” Operations and medical care in such cases can cost a fortune and so some people just live with it, without even trying to get help. It is next to impossible for destitute class to even think about spending thousands.

Government as well as NGO’s to eradicate this problem started camping from place to place to reach to the needy and provide them with proper medical facilities and equipments​. One such camp is being organised in Model town, Delhi with the endorsement of ‘Jan sewa foundation’, an NGO working in Delhi. The member of Delhi Prant Samiti’, Shri Praveen Kant told us “I would request that Ashok ji keep doing the work he’s doing and I know he will.” Applauded by all, including the people who received medical help, local authorities and NGO’s, this initiative is an example of how a small action can change the lives of many. Twinkle kalia, a member of ‘free ambulance service’ also participated and happily shared the success of this camp. She said, “I am happy to see that people are getting machines and spectacles”

Doctors of the camp sounded enthusiastic​ally helpful. Jan Ki Baat is continuously engaged in bringing positive initiatives like this one into limelight and we are committed to bring to you more news from the ground. In today’s world where terrorism and crimes are taking over to threaten us, a positive step like this is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air.

Story by Pradip Bhandari.


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