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With The Indu Sarkar Fiasco, The Mask Of Tolerance & Free Speech Is Off From Congress’ Face


In the recent past, we’ve seen instances of intolerance in terms of what can be said about the government and its allies. Recently, an FIR has been filed against All India Bakchod for posting a viral meme in which Narendra Modi had put on a Snapchat filter.

It created a huge uproar and we saw Shashi Tharoor taking on the #DogFilter challenge on Twitter. These superficial moves might make one think of Congress as a progressive party. Right? No.

While the ministers of this party keep trying to portray themselves as the messiah of free speech, the party workers have been doing something opposite of that. Recently press shows of Madhur Bhandarkar’s Indu Sarkar have been violently stopped by Congress party workers.

Their mask of ‘tolerance and free-speech is off now. Congress has no moral high group to lecture the BJP about free-speech and censorship.
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Indian Government’s weird move to ban the documentary on India’s Daughter – the narrative in view of Nirbhaya assault case, has in the long run given every one of the focal points through which the political impedance in the right to speak freely in India will be judged, break down, or pummeled by the world.

The ban was forced as remarks in the film by one of those sentenced made an environment of “dread and strain” and gambled fuelling open outrage, however it had sent a wrong message to the outside world portraying Indian government as a definitive obstruction in the right to speak freely.

The nation has a long history wherein motion pictures in light of genuine frequencies were restricted, dragged to court or altered, on account of the mind-boggling strength of Indian political framework.

If the mainstream media is to be believed, it’s the right-wing political outfits who are responsible for this. But please note that the Congress is equally responsible for this.

Or ever more than BJP. (Because Congress ruled longer and had previously banned a lot of movies about the Emergency and a lot of artworks from separate artists in the name of minority-appeasement.)

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Let’s talk about a previously banned movie by Congress. The name of the movie is Aandhi.

Aandhi was discharged in 1975, when at that point Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had forced emergency on the nation.

The film featuring Suchitra Sen as lead hero had hitting similitudes with Mrs. Gandhi, from the run of the mill saris to the get-up with a silver streak and from energetic strolling style to cars, all were likened to the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

In addition, scenes delineating the courageous woman smoking and drinking fanned the fire, bringing about prohibition on the film. Be that as it may, when Gandhi lost the election race in 1977, the Janata party lifted the boycott and even debuted it on Doordarshan.

Making movies that uncover stark substances of life has constantly blended the honey bee settle for Indian producers. The nation has a long history wherein motion pictures in view of genuine occurrences were prohibited, dragged to court or altered, on account of the mind-boggling strength of Indian political framework.

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Now let’s talk about a brilliant movie called Kissa Kursi Ka. This movie was also banned by the Congress.

The 1977 Amrit Nahata directed film ‘Kissa Kursi Ka’ was India’s first political satire, a parody on Indira Gandhi and her child Sanjay Gandhi.

With exchanges like “Sir, give this young fellow the permit to fabricate little autos in light of the fact that he learnt it in his mom’s womb”, it went up against the most capable man of India at that point, Sanjay Gandhi.

In any case, the motion picture featuring Shabana Azmi and Raj Babbar couldn’t see the light of the day as then Congress ruled Government restricted the film amid Emergency period and all prints were reallocated.

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Congress is extremely hypocritical when it comes to smothering the voices that don’t sing their tune.

The twisted secularism touted by these worthies does not comply with all inclusive moral measures nor does it consolidate the essential precepts of reasonable play, fairness and equity. It is a fanatic ideological investigation portrayed by particular good anger, one-sided feedback and focused on unverified charges basically an arranged witch-chase sans ethics, rationale or legitimacy.

Efforts to pin these crimes on the BJP by invoking the dubious and rationally challenged concept of guilt by association must be refuted categorically.

We hope that the peaceful release of Indu Sarkar is guaranteed by the BJP government and Congress stops playing its dirty tricks with Indians.

By Supriyo Mukherjee.


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