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Exclusive interview with the public policy head of Uber India!

The public policy head of Uber India, Shweta Rajpal Kohli gave an exclusive interview to the founder and CEO of Jan ki baat, Pradip bhandari on “Decongest India, Decongest Delhi” at the launch of “Moving Delhi Forward, Decongest India”. It is rightly pointed out by Pradip that the traffic in Delhi is very close to people’s hearts, perhaps, not in a good way. The Public policy head of Uber India, seemed to agree.

Shweta told JKB that the capital has slowed down due to heavy traffic and the solution lies in decongestion. Pradip put forth some important questions in this interview. First- What is the motive behind starting “Decongest Delhi” initiative and what is the plan to take it forward? Second- Is there any growth in statistics of people using Uber-pool more than Uber-X and Uber-Go? Third- How can we put Uber-pool adequately under the safety aspects and what can someone do if he’s not feeling safe while Car-pooling? Fourth- Is government supporting this campaign?

The capital is now habitual of seeing heavy traffic. To Decongest Delhi ,a discussion was held for searching and executing the possible plans. Uber India is the subsidiary of Uber, an American technological transportation system. Shweta says the problem stems from the city’s traffic slowing down to 15Km/h. “This is not the city that we want to live in or want our kids to grow in” she says.

As a technology company invested in transportation space(Uber), She accepts that  it’s their duty to do something to decongest the capital. She said, “the odd-even scheme was a good one.” “Sadly, it failed. But with the help of technology, sharing is now possible, which is impractical otherwise”. She went on to talk about the safety measures in Car-pooling. She tells us- ” The ride is tracked, the name of the driver is known and this ride allows you to be more in control of the passenger. You can share your status with your loved ones, they can track your way, infact, you can share it with n number of people. Plus, the emergency button is there so you press it and you get connected with the police station (nearest). Also you can rate your experience, rate your driver.”

She told us that although Car-pooling is the center of this campaign, it is just one aspect. “Every shared car takes 9 to 13 cars off the road” she claimed. She told JKB that-  “We are working for a time when you can forget that you have a car in your garage as it is the best way of transportation and the best ride you will receive.” She informed us that in four major cities which include Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, Uber is launching ‘Decongest’ campaign.

Answering the last question, Shweta said that the government has supported this initiative and the deputy CM, Manish Sisodia himself launched the report on “Moving Delhi Forward: Decongest Delhi”. She conveyed her message for Delhites by saying “It’s your city and it’s decongestion is in your hands.” She provided many options for the people to adopt such as- Car-pooling, using public transport, opting for bike-sharing solutions as the parking spaces occupancy is 14% of the total area of the capital. She suggested that it can be done away with if you don’t use your private cars. She also requested the government to allow private cars to go for sharing to free the roads of Delhi.

Initiatives like these bring hope that the capital shall not face problems as it has faced till now. To see the full interview check out this video. And provide us with your suggestions over ‘Decongest Delhi’, Car-pooling and a traffic free Delhi. Jan ki baat is committed to bring to you the hope, and the plans to ensure a better future.


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