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Why is everyone so surprised with Nitish Kumar’s resignation?

Jan Ki Baat’s Pradip Bhandari predicted this move 10 days ago! Every political analyst, rajneetik pundit and media outlet is debating Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s resignation with enthusiasm and surprise, but we are calm and reassured. The current political development was predicted by the Founder and CEO of Jan Ki Baat, Pradip Bhandari exactly 10 days ago. 

On 16th July 2017, 

His FB post read: 

“Many analysts are talking about Nitish coming closer tot BJP, do not discount the likelihood of Nitish taking a bigger risk. #BiharPolitics.”

His Twitter post read:

“Do not discount the fact that @NitishKumar can take a bigger risk by going alone” 

Some said, he will join the BJP, some said he will be continuing with RJD but we analysed Nitish Kumar’s current situation and applied a two pronged strategy;

1. We did a SWOT analysis based on response of Nitish: the leader in similar non idential situation in the past.

2. The jan ki baat accredited citizen reporter network had some highly placed sources in the Bihar government which aided the on ground input.

Pradip Bhandari says-” actually Nitish is a man who will ensure he keeps his personal credibility in tact and will never want to leave his legacy on the wrong footing. In 2014 he punched above his weight, and had taken an improper decision by joining hands with RJD. His good will in the state was deteriorating gradually.”

So our editing team asked Pradip what next? How does he see the situation going forward. 

Pradip quipped -” BJP will give outside support to Nitish to run the government. But do not underestimate Nitish Kumar, he is keeping the 2019 card close to his chest.”

The Founder Pradip Bhandari has not predicted it correctly for the first time, he was spot on and ahead of all to give absolute Majority to BJP even in the UP Elections and MCD Elections 2017, before anyone else in the wider media community, which reflected in the opinion and Exit Polls taken out by Jan Ki Baat. 

UP Elections 2017 Exit Poll, released by Jan Ki Baat on March 9, 2o17

MCD Elections 2017 Opinion Poll, released by Jan Ki Baat on April 20, 2017.



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