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Where is the Bawana Election bye-poll heading?

Jan Ki Baat headed to Bawana to know what are the issues and what are the possible outcomes of the Bawana Elections. We found a mixed opinion among people. No clear winner seems  Swing Factor – Ved Prakash
Top issues are:

1. Sewage water supplied to households

2. The Promised road is not built since 2015.

3. Hospitals and Schools not available

4. No toilets in houses.

5. Transport connectivity, no metro service despite Phase 2 plan which promised Bawana Metro.

5. Poor Bus service and frequency

6. Unprotected HT Electrical wires, cause of rampant accidents.

7. inadequate price for farmer’s produce and land.

8. Close turf between AAP and Congress. BJP not on the card due to the poor track record of candidate Ved Prakash

9. No gainful employment in the area.

Likely front runner in Shahbad dairy: Aam Aadmi Party
Some have called Mr. Ved Prakash “Dal Badlu” and said that if Bhartiya Janta Party, Delhi Pradesh. would have Given the ticket to GUGGAN things could be different.
People have said this is local and not to do with Modi factor that much. Candidates will be rated and voted as per their reputation and performance.

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