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Chaupal discussion on Bawana Election at Panchayat Ghar Bawana

Locals are completely dissatisfied with all parties who came to rule. Congress was able to satisfy to an extent when their candidate was elected for 15 years. Locals stated that Congress has converted to AAP, There is no Modi wave or Yogi wave but what holds importance for them in Bawana Elections is the particular candidates, their performance, and reputation. Following were the issues raised during the discussion:

1. Transport connectivity, no metro service despite Phase 2 plan which promised Bawana Metro. Poor bus connectivity and frequency. Bad conditions of roads and vehicles which were allocated long ago to the area. Also, high traffic problem which creates chaos and makes it accident prone zones for children.

2. Unprotected HT electrical wires; cause of rampant accidents. The witness stated many accidents leading to deaths of animals and labors.

3. No institutions of quality education-schools, training centers, colleges. There are no proper medical facilities i.e. no Hospitals and pharmacy. Also, poor sewage management because of no toilets in the houses exponentially boosts diseases in the area. 

4. No gainful employment opportunities for youth. 

5. No adequate price for farmer’s produce and land. 

6. Close turf between AAP and Congress. BJP not on the card due to the poor track record of candidate Ved Prakash.

From discussions, we found that people have almost lost faith in current election and democracy. It is difficult to know their inclination towards a specific candidate or party.

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