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Ambedkar gali Bawana, What does Valmiki community want from Bawana Elections 2017

Political horizon has been stirring again due to Bawana Elections. Leaders might be excited but the local citizens are fed up with the working ethics of past administration. Jan Ki Baat tried raising issues and bring the most critical issues on the front line.

We saw the people living in mess. High danger of spreading diseases because of unhygienic surroundings. Sewage is a big problem in the area. Water congestion in walk ways leads to high discomfort.

Schools are inaccessible as no transport facilities are provided. Continuous complaints are filed and ignored. Conditions of roads are bad.

There are no toilets in houses and men and women have to reluctantly go outside. This creates a safety concern for kids and women. Also, this directly leads to health problems.

Despite promises, the government authorities have not been able to create jobs for the locals.

Jan Ki Baat reported these issues live from the ground. In case you missed it watch the video here:


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