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The new episode in the series named Kooda Tracker!!

Akriti Bhatia, Founding Partner, Jan Ki Baat investigated parts of East Delhi with severe garbage problems.
This is a new episode in the series named ‘Kooda Tracker’, where different areas of Delhi with garbage problems will be covered.

The very first episode covered Himmat Garh, New Delhi while this new episode covered Lalita Part, Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi.
The residents themselves complained of waste problems in the area. This is a residential area where kids play so it is necessary to keep the area clean.
“This place is turned into a dump by the people from outside who come and throw garbage here. The solution is to establish bins.”- Hawker
“People do not throw their waste in the dustbins even the educated ones behave like this. Municipal Corporation should take their cleaning vehicles in the localities.”- Resident
“Cleanliness happens only during elections. After elections, there is no one to be seen.”
“Public and MCD both are responsible.”
“The plants aren’t watered regularly and the waste is thrown in the park. It may lead to the spread of Cholera.”
“Only one person comes, he takes dry dirt and takes away. There are many left overs.”
“Before this MCD election, this place was regularly cleaned.”
“The ministers, who are sitting in their offices, should work for us. What are we supposed to do at this age?”

“Animal excreta are also here. The youth should voluntarily give their efforts. Park are meant for fresh air so let them be that.”
The stakeholder is the authority. Also, it is the responsibility of MCD and DDA.
We need to raise our voices against such things, there would be no change.
The cleanliness of the air is also to be maintained by keeping a public park clean.
Is this the real Delhi? Is this the capital city of the country?
Stay tuned to Jan Ki Baat in the Kooda Tracker series.


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