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How is Rocky Tuseed, DUSU Prez, NSUI different?

Pradip Bhandari, Jan Ki Baat founder and CEO interviewed Rocky Tuseed on his victory as the new President of DUSU.

Rocky Tuseed is a member of the National Student’s Union of India (NSUI).


Q1. There were many allegations by ABVP that you appointed a Dummy named Raja Choudhary. It reduced the vote share of ABVP. What would you say?

  1. He was campaigning since 25th He wanted to fight independently but he was threatened by ABVP. And after cancelling our nominations, he was reasoned that he didn’t the affidavit. When we asked for the video, they went inside and came back saying that it was our mistake.


Q2.  What’s your say on ‘Uma Shankar’ controversy?

  1. These are all false things. Even my campaign was for one and a half day.


Q3.  How was the preparation of NSUI different this time?

  1. We adhered to student issues like hostel allotment and metro concessions.


Q4.  It is being said that if you do not submit your degrees, your candidature will be cancelled. How would you react to it?

  1. There should be no confusion. I am a graduate from Shivaji College of DU. There are disciplinary actions against me but it is not defined.


Q5. Our survey revealed that students voted ‘against’ ABVP and not ‘for’ NSUI. What will you say to the students?

  1. ABVP did Gundagardi in the campus.


Q6. Will NSUI encourage seminars on Kashmir and Nationalism with guests like Umar Khalid again?

  1. We’ll never go for anything that divides the nation.


Q7. Is the rise in AISA votes, a matter of concern?

  1. The President candidate of AISA got very few votes.


Q8. What works will NSUI do this year that could be seen on ground?

  1. We’ll prepare a model DUSU. Also, Work for free Wifi in the campus.


Q9. How is Rocky Tuseed different?

  1. We’ll work to maintain the diversity of the university. I believe in issue based politics.


Q10. Can NSUI and ABVP work together?

  1. If they genuinely wish to work for student welfare, we can work.


Q11. What is the National alternative for 2019 elections?

  1. We believe in Rahul Gandhi. He is simple and honest man.

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