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‘Sangathan Sarvopari’ is what ABVP believes in, says Mahamedha Nagar

Pradip Bhandari, Founder and CEO of Jan Ki Baat interviewed Mahamedha Nagar, Secretary, DUSU on the loss of ABVP in recent DUSU Elections 2017.

She contested from ABVP and won with a great margin of about 2000 votes. It proved to be a convincing victory for ABVP.

Here are a few extracts from the interview:
Q1. Why didn’t you contest for the Presidential post?
I personally believe ‘Sangathan Sarvopari’, so I went by the decision of my team. Although, I was disappointed at first but my grandfather explained that it will keep up the fire in you.
Q2. Do you believe that a major factor for the loss was your over confidence instead of electoral miscalculations?
We are always prepared for both the situations. ABVP never works solely for election purpose. We work for students unlike NSUI.

Q3. In our poll, students laid out that ABVP does Gundagardi especially the Ramjas College incident. Could it have been handled better?
I was in the leading front in Ramjas. If election results were decided on this incident, then I too would have lost.

“I have my office in front of our President’s office. The President’s who is charged with Section 308, section 354. How would a girl coming to me feel safe?”- Mahamedha
Q4. How will Mahamedha Nagar be different from other secretaries that DUSU has had?
I want a girl’s working in our campus. Maximum girls join ABVP. This is because ABVP is an organisation which ensures women safety.

Q5. Do you believe that the tag ‘Gundagardi’ has been associated with ABVP? So, the organisation has to go to people?
There are a lot of things that are leadership has been unable to deliver. I will give my fullest to that. Even I am addressed as Parishad ki Gundi.

Q6. This time there were a lot of trends by NSUI.
They are learning from us.
“What you are looking out for is not there, it is inside you.”-Mahamedha
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