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“Post Diwali air is equal to smoking many cigarettes”- Students, Bloom Public School


Jan Ki Baat goes to Bloom Public School, Delhi to hear the students who have come together to say no to ‘Fire Crackers’. Pradip Bhandari, Founder and CEO Jan Ki Baat, talks to the students to know how they arrived at the decision of saying ‘NO’ to Fire Crackers this diwali.

This time Delhi is boomed with more than 50 lakh fire crackers but these students urge everyone to save the environment, save ourselves.

 Here’s what the students had to say:
“Although, we love crackers but they are very harmful to the environment. Also, it causes to much noise and smoke all over. Fire a little just to make the kids happy.”- Tia, student.

”Our religion doesn’t call for burning fire crackers.”- Kunal, Student

“Stop the small children from burning in cracker manufacturing factories. People have to be educated by programs and other methods.”

“This is all done for a short lived happiness but it creates a lifelong problem to humans as well as the environment.”
“There are also some people who campaign but burn crackers which is very wrong. The air you breathe during Diwali is equivalent to smoking so many cigarettes.”- Rama
“Supreme Court should again lay that fire crackers should be banned. I would tell my CM Arvind Kejriwal. That the festival is turned into a festival of smoke.”
“People at Diwali burn crackers ignoring the consequences of smoke and pollution.”


“At least for once, say no to crackers and celebrate a green and prosperous Diwali.”
“Diwali is a festival of lights, it even lights our hearts. Please, stop using crackers, celebrate a eco friendly Diwali.”- Teacher.
This campaign by Jan Ki Baat was taken out in the hope that our younger ones get to know how harmful can crackers be. They should know how a single night of Diwali can prove to be a long term drawback to the environment.

The students, future of our country proved to be treasures by showing their concern for the environment.
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