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My Right to breathe- Khushii Shikshaantra Vidyalaya urge to celebrate pollution free Diwali

Jan Ki Baat, Founding Partner, Akriti Bhatia presented yet another episode in the ‘My Right to Breathe’ campaign where students from Khushii Shikshaantra Vidyalaya urged the citizens of Delhi to enjoy an eco-friendly Diwali this year.

This is the second episode in the series where the first episode covered students from Bloom Public School.
In this episode, the students from Khushii Shikshaantra Vidyalaya give their take on burning crackers on Diwali.
Where Delhi is counted in the top most polluted cities, it makes it important to take some serious actions so as to save our capital from Air pollution.
Last year too, Delhi hit the limelight when the city was covered with smoke for about 3-4 days post Diwali.
A step in saving their city has been taken by the students from different schools. Students from class 2 to class 12th, all are active in the campaign.

Here is why all the students have pledged to celebrate a cracker-free Diwali this year-
“If we burn crackers, we might incur skin diseases”, says a Class 10th student.

 “Burning crackers also causes breathing problems. Aluminium is used in the making of crackers which could result in Alzheimer’s and skin diseases.”

 “Many a times, kids burn their hands and even eyes due to crackers, so it is better to celebrate a safe Diwali.”
“Everyone knows that Delhi has very less trees resulting in less Oxygen. So, more pollution will further reduce the Oxygen levels.”
“We can celebrate Diwali without Crackers by lighting Diyas and candles.”
“A festival must not take away our right to breathe.”
“People are wasting money on crackers and they forget that they are harming the environment, other humans.”

The campaign by Jan Ki Baat seems to be successful only when these little kids pledge and also appeal all of us to say No to Crackers this Diwali.
The campaign is not a question on Hindu Festivals as many people quote but it is an urge to make our environment clean and better.
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