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Every child has the right to breathe fresh air – Pradip Bhandari on News24

It is the right to life  of every child to breathe fresh air in Delhi – Pradip Bhandari on News 24
Pradip Bhandari, Founder and CEO, Jan Ki Baat, was a panellist in the show ‘Sabse Bada Sawaal’ on News 24. The debate was on the recent SC order to ban the sale of Cracker in Delhi.
A three-judge bench of the Apex Court, headed by Justice Arjan Kumar Sikri and comprising Justices Ashok Bhushan and Abhay Manohar Sapre, was hearing the case. They came to a judgement of banning the sale of crackers in the capital and NCR till November 1.
Many traders, firecracker companies requested to revisit the order as they will have to face a great loss after this decision.
While the loss to many is a concern. What some of the  extremists  worried about it is that the order is an attack on Hindu customs and beliefs.
They have stated that Hindu festivals are always targeted while others like Muharram and Christmas are neglected.
The Panel hosted by Sandeep Chaudhary welcomed guest from various walks of life.
Here are a few excerpts from Pradip Bhandari’s part-
The Supreme Court orders lays that there should be ban on the selling of crackers but no ban on burning them.
People are covering themselves with the curtain of beliefs and religion on the issue of crackers?
• Last year, Delhi was covered in smoke post Diwali.
• Pollution can kill anyone. Be it a Muslim, Hindu or a Christian.
• SC hasn’t passed the order in a go. It was a petition in 2016.
• The order itself has 11 different provisions, and it is only an interim order
• 2% of pollution is caused due to crackers on Diwali.
• It is equal to smoking 460 cigarettes.
Why is the ban limited to Delhi NCR only?
• Delhi is in the list of World’s most polluted cities.
• This is an interim order.
Why is there an attack on Hindu beliefs as compared to other religions?
• It has nothing to do with Hindu or Muslim. The rights of children to breathe clean and fresh air are at stake.
Our nation always tends to be more of religious than being logical. Here, burning crackers is a part of custom and it must be done neglecting the harm it is causing to our environment.
There is a dire need of rationalists in the country who can think of betterment of the mass.
Stay tuned to Jan Ki Baat for more.
– Jan Ki Baat

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