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We will go door to door in our neighborhour to explain the harmful effects of firecrackers: Ramjas Primary School

Founder of Jan Ki Baat Pradip Bhandari reported a story on citizens pledge against bursting firecrackers from Ramjas Primary School Daryaganj after receiving a phone call from citizen reporter Sonal Amla. In the run up to Diwali, as part of My Right To Breathe campaign the students, teachers and parents of Ramjas primary school took oath to celebrate a cracker free Diwali. The students also pledged to sensitize the neighborhood about harmful effects of bursting crackers.


The 6 things about the story that you cannot miss-

  1. Ramjas Primary School organized a painting competition on the theme- ” DiyeValiDiwali”
  2.  Students participated in large number in the painting competition
  3. The activity witnessed support of parents, and teachers who supported the school administration and My Right To Breathe volunteers.
  4. Students took oath led by Pradip Bhandari, Founder of Jan Ki Baat
  5. The Municipal Counselor Yasmin Kidwai educated the students about harmful effects of bursting crackers. She also sensitized them to light a diya to spread light and happiness.
  6. My Right To Breathe is a group of concerned citizens for clean air in Delhi

–  Pradip Bhandari


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