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Will Amreli pave way for Congress to a historic win yet again?

स्थान – अमरेली विधानसभा, जिला अमरेली (गुजरात)
रिपोर्टर जय जी, निच्छल एवं शादाब की खास रिपोर्ट
दिनांक – 23-11-2017
विधानसभा चुनाव दिनांक – 09-12-2017
फेज – 1
वर्तमान विधायक (2012-) – परेश धनानी (Congress) – Contesting once again.
भाजपा प्रत्याशी – बावकु उघाड़
कुल वोटर संख्या – 255989

Well known for its strange election results, it looks like Amreli is ready to book another probable win for Congress. Surprisingly Modi effect is lower than other part of Gujarat.

In an attempt to reach out to maximum people of Gujarat, team Jan Ki Baat reached Amreli, a place where history resides . A team of three reporters Jay Ji, Nishchhal Srivastva and Shadab Khan travalled throughout Amreli to get the pulse of people. Amreli is quite well-known for making its own path irrespective of what happens in the centre of state politics. Unlike other parts of Gujarat, here we noticed minimal impact of of our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi. Therefore, Historic Amreli may pave the way for Congress to a historic win once again.

Jan Ki Baat with a common man

Situated at 50 km far from Rajkot, Amreli holds a historical importance in Gujarat politics. The first Chief Minister of Gujarat, Dr. Jivraj Mehta contested from here and went on to become the Chief Minister. Amreli is also known for its different kind of politics. Election in Amreli is always contested on local issues and State politics doesn’t have any impact on this region. Effect of local leaders and their performance does matter to elect an MLA by the people of Amreli. Currently Paresh Dhanani from Congress is MLA from here. People told us that he is doing good as a MLA. BJP has nominated Bavku Ughad as its candidate against sitting MLA Presh Dhanani.

A chemist speaking with Jan Ki Baat

We went live from the famous Rajkamal square. It was a busy market place and gave us the chance to talk to the traders and local public. We asked about the effect of demonetisation and GST. Some traders ignored that it had  any impact of these policies but some of them blamed it for nation’s poor economy. People showed their trust in the sitting MLA Paresh Dhanani. On the question of development most people said “Vikas gando thayo chhe”.

A happy trader with Jan Ki Baat

Amreli is a rural area and it does not have a railway facility and has poor state of industrialization. Farming is the only way of living for many families. Poor irrigation system and insufficient price for their grains, has made them unhappy with the Central government. We talked to farmers off-camera to get their opinion for this election but they were not ready to say anything about elections. Hence we asked about their problems and daily life struggles. Then they told us their problems which we have mentioned above.

A local resident speaking with Jan Ki Baat

People of Amreli looked unaffected from the magical leadership of PM Narendra Modi. Infact some of them even blamed him for poor development of Amreli. However some traders and small businessmen supported BJP that is but in our opinion that is not enough for BJP to register win in Amreli. On the other hand Congress may take a decisive lead over BJP with its leadership and good image of its local leaders. Although BJP can give a good competition, but Congress may win with the support of 60 percent or more of voters.


Story by: Shadab khan & Sparsh Upadhyay


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