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Jan Ki Baat reports from Nadiad, the Birth Place of Sardar Patel

Team Jan Ki Baat has travelled to Nadiad, the birthplace of Iron Man Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Presenting the interaction to you is the CEO of Jan Ki Baat, Mr Pradip Bhandari, Founding Partner, Akriti Bhatia along with reporters Anirudh, Amit and Nischal. Before going to the interactions, Pradip shared some interesting details about Nadiad. Here are some key facts about Nadiad that must be kept in mind during the election season.

Constituency: Nadiad
Date of Election: 14-12-17
Phase – 2
Number of Registered Voters: 248486
Sitting MLA: Pankajkumar Vinubhai Desai (BJP)

Anirudh then began the interactions with a large crowd that gathered around our team. The first voter was clear about his choices. He said, “If Modi is there, he should get our support. There is development, it is my key issue, around only because of him. His vision for the country will reach to every street, every city.” On being asked about Hardik, he said, “He is a Congress agent and people shouldn’t listen to him”

Jan Ki Baat reports from the Birth Place of Sardar Patel: Nadiad

Next up, Nischal spoke to a young voter who said, “Vote for BJP only”, citing a lack of a credible alternative.

Jan Ki Baat reports from the Birth Place of Sardar Patel: Nadiad

The next voter was convinced he will vote for the BJP, “Pankajbhai has done a great job and Narendra Modi, our leader, is leading the country. We are proud of him. He has done a great job. He has solved issues like water shortage in Nadiad.” On GST and Demonetisation, he said, “Those who evade taxes should be afraid of GST.” Moreover, many in Nadiad followed the same pulse. When asked about Pankajbhai’s work, a voter was quick to point out, “He has got water to our homes and has built toilets in every home.”

An elderly kaka while talking to Nischal said, “The amount of work put in by this government is unprecedented. They have built good roads and ensured safety. People feel safe even at late nights. Congress used to be good during Indira Gandhi’s time. Now they lack a credible face.” When Anirudh asked him about lack of cleanliness in Nadiad, he said, “You can’t expect cleanliness if people themselves don’t change.”

Next, Anirudh spoke to a young voter who was not convinced with the development plank on which the BJP is fighting the elections. He said, “Development is not visible. There should be cleanliness, and maintained traffic”

Anirudh then talked to a couple of elderly males who supported the claims of development. “Pankajbhai has worked for us”, said one. The other voter said, “Look at the roads in Gujarat and compare them with roads in another state, of course, vikaas has happened.”

The prominent issues that Anirudh, Nischal, and Amit came across in Nadiad were cleanliness, lack of accessible sanitation, traffic, law and order situation and development.  Team Jan Ki Baat interacted with a lot more people and explored various parts of the city. There was some discontent with the incumbent government. Some voters also mentioned widespread unemployment.

There was a section of the populace that was very happy with Pankajbhai, the sitting four-time MLA and was happy to share the good work that he had done. Water used to be an issue but BJP has certainly solved it. The primary face most of the voters identified with was that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On cleanliness, a lot of people backed Pankajbhai and took it upon themselves that it was their responsibility to ensure cleanliness and sanitation.

Pradip’s Take for Nadiad:

“I think this seat will suffer from anti-incumbency as the sitting MLA has been around for four terms. The caste equations will certainly affect the results. Cleanliness is one of the key issues in Nadiad. The birthplace of Sardar Patel surely deserves better cleanliness. On the other hand, the law and order situation is commendable and Pankaj bhai does a lot of work for people. But what Nadiad needs is institutionalised development, as even the Prime Minister said. This election will not be a cakewalk for the BJP, in my opinion.”


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