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‘Vikas’ is evident in Somnath but BJP needs further improvements

The famous Somnath is well equipped with regular availability of electricity and beautiful roads. Although there are some issues in interior areas but it may not affect BJP’s prospects in the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections 2017.

स्थान – वेरावल (सोमनाथ) विधानसभा, जिला गिर-सोमनाथ (गुजरात)
रिपोर्टर जय जी के साथ हमारे अन्य रिपोर्टर शादाब खान की खास रिपोर्ट
दिनांक – 25-11-2017
विधानसभा चुनाव दिनांक – 09-12-2017
फेज – 1
वर्तमान विधायक (2014 उप-चुनाव) – जशभाई भनभाई बराड़ (BJP)
प्रत्याशी – विमलभाई के. चुडासमा (कांग्रेस) & जशभाई भनभाई बराड़ (BJP)
कुल वोटर संख्या – 218884

During its journey to cover the election report, our on ground team Jan Ki Baat reached Somnath. Reporter Jay Ji and Shadab Khan spoke to hundreds of people in Somnath. People, very frankly talked about their issues, the state of politics and about upcoming elections. We got mixed reaction from the people as many admitted that ‘vikas’ could be seen in Somnath but some fundamental issues are yet to be solved. In Somnath ‘vikas has happened’ but still people feel that the ruling party could have done a lot better.

A student speaking with Jan Ki Baat

Gir Somnath is a newly formed district which contains 4 constituencies. Somnath temple comes under Vairavad vidhansabha. As we know that Somnath is thousands of year old temple which is famous across the world and is one of the Jyotirlings in India. Many devotees come here from various places of India and from abroad as well. So this place needs better developmental work on ground to fulfill the expectations of such visitors. We tried to know the on ground reality of Development from the people themselves, so we went to a local public shop and asked them several questions.

A woman shopkeeper with Jan Ki Baat

“Visitors come here in large numbers and till now no one has complained about demonetization, and ever after one year of Demonetization, there has been no decrement in number of visitors,” a local worker spoke on the question of demonetization.

Modi Ji Ki sarakar me sab bahot badhiya chal rha hai”, a student told us. Many of them looked happy with the work of BJP government in center as well as in state. “Modi Ji ke alawa aur koi vikalp nahi hai” an elderly man said to us. We also asked about Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Navsarjan Yatra’. “Rahul Gandhi can’t bring Navsarjan in Gujarat,” a shopkeeper said. “Pehle unki hi sarkar thi unhone kuch nahi kiya” he added.

A narial wala speaking with Jan Ki Baat

We found that majority of people were happy with the current administration of BJP and praised PM Modi for his work and showed confidence in BJP and vowed to give their support to BJP in the upcoming assembly elections. Apart from the politics and central government policies, we also asked questions related to their local municipal bodies. Then we found that some fundamental issues are yet to be solved. In our conversation with local people, Water supply came up as a big problem of the people of Somnath.

A trader with Jan Ki Baat

“Within 20 km of area, water is salty and we are forced to drink it. Is government not aware about it? But where is development?” A senior citizen of Somnath raised some serious questions. “There are well-built hospitals, machines and facilities are also available there but no good doctors are available” he added. Some other people also raised some questions on drinking water and healthcare. We traveled to interior areas apart from Somnath temple area and we found the same problems in those area waiting to be resolve.

A senior resident speaking about some key issues

Somnath is famous for its temple and attarcts tourist from all over the world. Government has done a lot of development work for tourist and local people. Roads were built and regular electricity has been made available to this area. Despite this, some fundamental issues are still there to be resolve. However it may not affect BJP’s prospects in the upcoming assembly elections.


Story by : Shadab Khan & Sparsh Upadhyay


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