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Despite slow development, Morbi wants BJP yet again

Slow development and filthiness are the key issues of the people of Morbi. However people believe in BJP and it may win this seat yet again.

स्थान – मोरबी विधानसभा, जिला मोरबी
रिपोर्टर जय जी के साथ हमारे अन्य रिपोर्टर शादाब खान की खास रिपोर्ट
दिनांक – 29-11-2017
विधानसभा चुनाव दिनांक – 09-12-2017
फेज – 1
वर्तमान विधायक (2012 –) अमृत्य कांतिलाल (BJP)
प्रत्याशी – बृजेश मेरजा (कांग्रेस) & अमृत्य कांतिलाल (BJP)
कुल वोटर संख्या – 235352

Team ‘Jan ki Baat’ during its election coverage reached Morbi. Reporter Jay Ji and Shadab Khan spoke to local people on camera and off camera to know about the exact situation of their issues before the elections. Complaints about filthiness, slow development, poor facilities in hospitals were made by the local people. As Morbi people told us that the their expectations were not completely fulfilled by the current Government. However enough support went in the favor of BJP. So we can say that despite the slow development and filthiness, Morbi wants BJP yet again.

Situated 60 km from Rajkot, Morbi is known as the paris of Saurashtra. It has been developed under Jadeja clans before Independence. Rajputana and Darbari blood is still in their veins. We spoke to several people in Morbi to get the pulse of the public at large. We went to the famous Nehru Gate at Morbi where a huge crowd was present. From pani puri stalls to chemists, from panwadi to traders, we interacted with different kind of people and got ourselves informed about local politics of this area.

Famous Nehru gate, Morbi

People were very outspoken about the PM Modi’s flagship program Swachta Abhiyaan. People sought our attention towards the filthiness of the area. They looked quite dissatisfied with the garbage management of this area. Some of them also told us about slow development of Morbi and looked angry with the Government that it failed to fullfill its promise of cleanliness. People also talked about education system and hospitals. Some of them said those facilities are insufficient for the people of Morbi.

Despite people being anry, they praised the Prime minister and said that he will do good, if given another chance in the state. People who were dissatisfied with the present Government were less in numbers than the people who were happy with the state as well as the Central Government. Many people hailed GST and demonitisation as a good move by the Government. They admitted that development has taken place in Morbi and they negated the fact that they face problems related to education, hospitals and cleanliness.

From Rahul Gandhi’s Navsarjan Yatra to Narendra Modi’s Swachhta Abhiyan Morbi people were open to talk about every political topic. They complained about their local issues but they praised the efforts taken by PM Modi for better development of the Country. Talking about local MLAs to Prime Minister, Morbi people eventually were hopeful that they want and will get BJP Government yet again.




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