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What are the reactions outside PM Modi’s rally in Navsari?

Team Jan Ki Baat continues its extensive coverage for the upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat. Our CEO Pradip Bhandari, along with reporter Anirudh attended the Prime Minister’s rally in Navsari. Post the rally, he talked to a lot of people outside the rally and tried to understand their reactions. Before we find out what the people in Navsari feel, let us look at some key electoral facts about the city.

Constituencies: Navsari, Jalalpore, Gandevi, Vansda
Total Number of Voters: 990287
Phase – I
Date of election: 09-12-2017

The first voter of the day, Manish Patel spoke to Anirudh. He said, “It was a great rally. Looking at the immense turnout, it seems BJP will win all the four seats in Navsari.” On being asked about the key issues, he said, “We wanted him to respond to how Congress has been running a negative campaign against GST, which he did. By stopping his speech while an ongoing Azaan, Modiji paid his respects to a prayer, be it from any religion.”


The next voter said, “Modiji has epitomized the spirit of sarva dharma sambhava. His gesture to stop his speech during the Azaan proved it.” He also said, “Congress, in order to defame PM Modi, always asks this question, “where is our INR 15 Lakh, as promised?” Modiji actually said that if all the Black Money stashed outside India comes back, we can get 15 Lakh rupees in each account.”


Further, when Anirudh asked the next citizen about Modiji’s speech, he said, “Modi does have a 56-inch chest. We, as Gujaratis, are proud to have him as our Prime Minister. We are with him and for the country for whatever he does. We will win all the seats in Navsari for BJP.”


On being asked about the allegations levelled against Modi by Rahul Gandhi, the next voter said, “They are unable to see any good work that Modiji does. Of course, Vikaas has happened! Look at the roads in Gujarat. People of Gujarat are happy. You will find LED bulbs all throughout the city.” On being asked about Vijay Rupani’s absence as compared to Modiji, he said, “Rupaniji is very good. He has been around only for a year. He will show how good he is in the next term.” A citizen joined in this conversation and said, “As Rupalaji said, go to the remotest villages of Gujarat and you will find electricity.”

We spoke to a young voter next. He said, “Congress asks for what Modi has done in the last three years. We want to ask them what they have done for 60 years they have been in power. Modi has to repair the damage that you have done over the years.”

NavsariThe next citizen said, “they believe in levelling allegations and that’s it. Modiji is constructing houses for the tribals. Isn’t providing gas to people Vikaas. We believe in Modiji and Rupaniji.”

NavsariNext, Anirudh spoke to a young voter and tried to understand his aspirations. The latter said, “What Modi saheb has done is visible. We hope that people like us get good education and jobs.”navsari

Overall, the mood in Navsari seems to be Pro Modi and Pro BJP. People here surely believe that Vikaas has happened and have no major issues with the incumbent government. Moreover, the fact that their Prime Minister belongs to the state is also very dear to them and are willing to stand by him. One of the voters sarcastically rejected the claim of #VikasGandoThayoChe and said that Vikaas will make Congress “Gandi”, which aptly summed up the mood in Navsari, as reported by CEO Pradip Bhandari and reported Anirudh.


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