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Founder-CEO Jan Ki Baat, Pradip Bhandari appeared on the NDTV Show ‘The Buck Stops here’: Discussed on the Padmaavat Controversy

Recently our Founder and CEO Pradip Bhandari was present as a panelist on the show The Buck Stops Here which is a regular show on NDTV. The host of the show is Vishnu Som where he discusses recent issues related to Public, Law and Society. This time the agenda for the discussion was, “Padmaavat” Protesters Target Innocent Children: Is This Honour?”

Issue in Point

Protesting against the film Padmaavat, a mob today attacked a school bus in Gurgaon. Terrified children and teachers cowered and hid on the floor of the bus. Another bus just ahead of them was burnt down. Is this Rajput identity? Is this acceptable in our democracy? There was violence in many states, instances of arson, buses being burnt, highways being blocked. Is this our India?


Along with Jan Ki Baat’s Founder and CEO, Pradip Bhandari, the panelists for the show were.
1- Arti Jaimin – Runs Gurgaon ki Awaaz
2- Dalip Tahil – Well known actor.
3- Himanshu MunjalClass 12th Humanity student


The Core Discussion:-

QuestionWho is responsible for all this violence? The home minister of Rajasthan has said that if Karni Sena wants to protest peacefully, they can. But the question is have they been peaceful? Why the states have not taken appropriate measures?

Pradip Bhandari – I would call them ‘Gundon Ki Sena’ not ‘Karni Sena’. This is clearly a problem of Law and order. I dont know why the home minister of Rajasthan government has pleaded before the Karni Sena. Home ministers of different states have clearly failed, even as per the constituion to uphold the law and order situation in their states.  After the CBFC has cleared the movie and Supreme Court has clearly said that the movie must be relased everywhere, there shouldnt be any problem in releasing the movie.  My larger appeal to the respective Chief ministers should be to go and watch the film or address a press conference and send a strong signal to the public at large. It is the duty of the police to ensure public safety. They can also impose section 151 of CrPC in the disturbed areas and disturbing elements from Karni Sena must be detained. I hope that when the movie releases, there would be imposition of Section 151. I believe that schools shouldnt be shut, rather the activities of the ‘Gundon Ki Sena’ must be shut by the police.



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