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Jan Ki Baat Founder – CEO Pradip Bhandari appeared on the NDTV Show ‘The Buck Stops here’: Statue Vandalism Incident

Recently our Founder and CEO Pradip Bhandari was present as a panelist on the show The Buck Stops Here which is a regular show on NDTV. The host of the show is Vishnu Som where he discusses recent issues related to Public, Law and Society. This time the agenda for the discussion was, “Statue Vandalism Incidents”.


The core statements made by Pradip Bhandari:-

  • No matter which ideology one subscribes to, taking law in one’s hand isn’t the right way to behave in a democratic country.
  • In this regard the Home Minister & Prime Minister have already issued stern warning. They have also indicated that the wrong doers won’t be spared and they will be facing legal consequences.
  • Historically speaking, worldwide whenever Communism has faded, you have the oppressed expressing their resistance and freedom in form of demolition of statues. This is not a unique incident which has happened in India, but has happened worldover. Lenin was a mass murderer.
  • Rather than making demolition of statues a norm. The better thing is to construct more statues. Let the people decide about it. This incident was a result of spontaneous act of the people but I hope this won’t be repeated. 18 people who have been arrested were from CPI (M)
  • It was private individuals who contructed the in . I believe selective condemnation of isn’t correct. TMC vandalised 1857 CPI offices in Bengal. To identify the causes of the incident and to identify wrong doers, investigation will take place
  • Let’s not equate a mass murderer with a nationalist like , Tagore, Vivekanand or Periyar. A person who murdered more than two lakh individuals should not have any soft corner in our hearts.
  • We must not forget that in 1978 when CPI(M) came into power in Tripura, their first CM Nripen Chakrobarty had ordered that photos of Mahatma Gandhi & Pandit Nehru be removed from all the Government associated offices in .

Full video of the show could be seen here.


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