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Pradip Bhandari appeared on the NDTV Show ‘Big Fight’: Whose version of History?

Recently our Founder and CEO Pradip Bhandari was present as a panelist on the show Big Fight which is a regular show on NDTV. The host of the show is Vikram Chandra where he discusses recent issues related to Public, Law and Society. This time the agenda for the discussion was, “Red vs Saffron Version of History?”.


The core statements made by Pradip Bhandari:-

    • No one should take law in their own hands but Lenin Statue demolition was expression of freedom from oppression by a group of private individuals. Section 144 was imposed and no govt appropriated it.
    • Nirpendra Chakravarty In 1978 removed the photos of Mahatma Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose from govt offices in Tripura

    • No state government official or representative appropriated the statue demolishing in Tripura. Already 14 people have been arrested, many from CPM.
    • When Arathi Jarath mam tried to show a soft corner for CPI(M), our Fiunder-CEO reminded her of 11 political murders last year, maximum poverty rate under CPI(M) govt in Tripura. He also said that Intolerance is political murder.

    • Everyone is entitled to their own view, Questioning is the essence of any discipline. Mr. Irfan Habib ji is not the only person having all the knowledge of history. Tomorrow he can also be proven wrong
    • Our history did not begin in 1857, It began thousands of years before 1857. Why are we not taught Ancient Indian history in same proportion as Mughal history?

    • It is better for the government to appoint group of experts to fill gaps in history writing than an NGO. There is nothing like good history bad history
  • Subhash Chandra Bose was inspired by Hitler. This does not mean that we’ll have statues of Hitler in democracy governed by rule of law. Same might be the case with Lenin. Bhagat singh also studied Lenin in gallows not before that
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