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Pradip Bhandari says “2019 is going to be all v/s Modi” on NewsX

After analysing 9 elections correct in two years and huge success of Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya election. Jan Ki Baat founder and CEO Pradip Bhandari was invited as a panellist on NewsX Sanjeev Sanyal’s show Nation at 9 to talk upon the results of UP ByPoll Elections 2018.

Anchor’s first question to Pradip Bhandari was “The way that voters choose their successive government and their leaders. Now this time around if we look at that the voter turnout, the voting percentage of these seats, you’ll see it’s literally shocking.

Pradip Bhandari says "2019 is going to be all v/s Modi" on NewsX

Does it point to the fact that BJP in a way failed to enthusiast its voters and had its own cadre come on the ground? To which Pradip Bhandari replied, “First of all, I disagree with this hypo this is that the voters were less, the voting percentage was low. That is why BJP lost it. Please understand it a math seat. BJP under Yogi Adityanath won the seat with lacs of votes. The question is it was math seat and BJP used to win lacs of votes.

Yogi Adityanath has incused or increased has lost with 21 thousand votes more than 2 lac vote swing in one year is something which is unprecedented which not only speak about the SP & BSP alliance. It also speaks something else that the voter might be trying to communicate and BJP should welcome it. As a welcome shock that yes whether there is something else that the voter is trying to say.

You need to ask why the voting in urban gorakhpur is less, why the middleclass is not excited to vote for BJP. So that is another question, has the BJP upset the middleclass which is said to be its core constituency somehow not rallying with it. That is the second question BJP has to think about. Third is candidate selection, why in Phulpur the ticket was given to an outsider.

Pradip Bhandari says "2019 is going to be all v/s Modi" on NewsX

Sanjeev Sanyal: Exactly these are the questions Pradip we raised in the beginning of the broadcast. The BJP lost by margin of 21 thousand.

Pradip Bhandari- BJP has to understand 2019 will be all versus Modi. Like the SP and BSP has come together for the survival. Every regional party will come together against the BJP and Prime Minister Modi. So I think BJP understands that and SP and BSP coming together for survival had to happen. And if you see Mamta and other parties coming together, small people will gang up against the BJP. So 2019 is all versus Modi.

Sanjeev Sanyal- I’ll come to you now because you’ve studied the tripura very very closely and we were associated with Jan Ki Baat and predicted everything right. So did you expect this kind of result today what we’re seeing today as far as these by elections are concerned. If so, why? If not, why?

Pradip Bhandari- Yes, We Jan Ki Baat predicted 9 Election correct in a row with 100% accuracy. Nobody expected Gorakhpur, I did not expect Gorakhpur. Everybody was thinking Gorakhpur would be no contest and from a no contest it’s a big loss. I think what is very clear is congress is not the opposition; it is one of the opposition.

Pradip Bhandari says "2019 is going to be all v/s Modi" on NewsX

This is what is clear now. Everybody used to say Yogi after Modi, Yogi after Modi. I think that will take the back seat. It’s very clear now that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, wherever he campaigns he wins it. In the ByPoll he didn’t campaign BJP lost it. In the assembly election where the Prime Minister campaigns, he has won it.

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