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“Any case of data theft is an issue related to rigging of voters’ mind” : Pradip Bhandari on Republic TV

Recently our Founder and CEO Pradip Bhandari was present as a panelist on Republic 9 pm Debate, which is a regular show on Republic channel. The host of the show is Arnab Goswami where he discusses recent issues related to Public, Law and Society. This time the agenda for the discussion was, “ForeignHandsExposed” and “#CambridgeAnalytica”. Pradip Bhandari

The core statements made by Pradip Bhandari:-

* If there is any data theft happening or has happened, is it not a case of rigging voters’ mind? The people who question EVM must introspect if it is an unethical means to woo voters.

* I ask the Congress party to release the minute of meetings that happened between the leaders of the Congress party and the . On the TV I ask them to come out with the details of the meeting. Will they?

* When the report was out for 6 months that some kind of a deal could be happening between the Company and the Congress party, why Congress Party did not take any actions?


Apart from that Pradip Bhandari has to say a lot of things about the alleged data breach by the Fcaebook. Read on to understand what he has to say:-

  • This is extremely dangerous. It is just not fine. The data policy allowed by friend to sell my data to third party. It goes one step further- we do not know how much of data was shared pre 2014. This has far reaching consequences
  • Our data was sold by Facebook to a third party without our consent as per its data policy pre-2013. Who will answer for it? Third party can be a Chinese company, or a terrorist organisation.
  • Yes it is the core of the business model, but principle of any data sharing is consent. We give our consent to Facebook to access our personal data, but we do not give access to Facebook to sell our personal data without our permission to anyone else.


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