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Real Face of Bangalore City Exposed!

Bangalore is considered as one of the most developed cities, blessed with a plethora of lavish and comfort facilities. The city is known as a hottest I.T destination that boasts many startups and multinationals, making it a preferred place to work or live in. Talking about the living standards of locals, the scenario is quite different in contrast to what it seems to be. Being recognized as the capital of Karnataka, the condition of locality is getting worse with the time. As the Karnataka election 2018 is heading closer, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with CEO, Pradip Bhandari, reached BTM layout to talk with locals. And, what we got to know about the area is really terrible.

Jan ki baat-Bangalore slum

In Bangalore, there is only 53% of the voting share which is much lesser than the ordinary towns. While being asked by natives about the present living situation, they seemed to be quite distressed. And, why they shouldn’t be? We even found messiness all around while going through streets. Some people added a statement that ‘the area doesn’t have good cemented road and is deprived of basic facilities such as proper water supply, good drainage system, etc. Furthermore, there’s not even suitable drinking water facility, people are bound to drink unsafe water which can lead to serious illness in the future.

Ruling for over five years, the government has not able to provide even the basic facilities to its residents. Coming to the women’s safety concern, people added that there are no strict rules for the same. Undoubtedly, this clearly points out few questions to the government about the women safety as well.

Most importantly, a young man revealed another shocking statement. He stated that there are few people smoke marijuana, which is drastically influencing youngsters a lot. And, the sad part is there is no one to look after those people.

While interviewing, our team found that almost all inhabitants aren’t getting basic facilities. However, the government should take necessary steps so that natives can enjoy the best of amenities.

jan ki baat- Ramalinga Reddy


This Karnataka election 2018 would be challenging for Ramalinga’s government to retain its existing seat. As almost all individuals added negative comments about the government.

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