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Koratagere: Will G. Parameshwara win against JDS local strongman Sudhakarlal?

With the advent of Karnataka election 2018, all political parties have started campaigning around the streets. Undoubtedly, this election is going to be epic as three of the political parties, namely BJP, INC, and JDS have huge supporters throughout the state, making this political battle a tougher one. For a deeper analysis of every constituency in Karnataka, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with CEO, Pradip Bhandari, reached the hub of temples, i.e. Koratagere. This constituency is located in Tumkur district and has a strong Dalit foothold.

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Talking about the political competition, our team, somehow, managed to get an analysis about the upcoming election. We, with our CEO, asked every native individually regarding the Karnataka election 2018. However, when being asked by the natives, it showed that the competition is much more between JDS and Congress. In this constituency, BJP doesn’t have much power, thus leaving the battle between the remaining two. There will be a high voltage political fight in koratagere as the current MLA, Sudhakar Lal is from JDS, while Congress has a popular face, G. Parameshwara, making the battle a fierce one.

jan ki baat- jds vs congress

For an apt political analysis, our team asked people about their viewpoints. And, their perceptions were quite shocking. Most locals said they will support G. Parameshwara as they’ve been provided with proper shelter and basic facilities as well. However, G. Parameshwara lost the last election, but this time people have a belief that his government would prevail in the upcoming election. While, others added that JDS has provided them with a plethora of basic necessities, including proper water supply, loan facility, time to time cleanliness, etc.

Coming to other opinions, JDS hasn’t done anything for its people. They even stated that ’JDS would surely get out of the competition and Congress may rule this constituency.

Truly speaking, the current situation of koratagere is unpredictable. But, the Karnataka election 2018 is going to be an unforgettable one.

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