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Why is Congress on a weak ground in Varuna? Know in this article

Varuna, a small village in Mysore district of Karnataka, has become a fierce battleground for the sons of former CM B.S. Yeddyurappa (BJP) and existing CM Siddaramaiah (Congress). Being a high voltage seat, both the contenders have already started their campaign in the village. Undoubtedly, this would lead to a vicious clash between the two parties. As the Karnataka election 2018 is approaching at its peak, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with its CEO & founder, Pradip Bhandari, reached Varuna constituency to conversate with the natives.

jan ki baat- varuna constituency

Varuna constituency is the Congress dominated Mysuru region, which ultimately increases its chances of winning the upcoming election. However, the things aren’t always what they seem to be.

After a deep conversation with locals of the village, they opined altogether different statements. According to natives ‘they will not give a single vote to Congress, because of increased corruption under Siddaramaiah’s government’. Ruling for almost five years, the existing government hasn’t done anything for the welfare of people, further added by locals.

jan ki baat- siddaramaiah

Talking about the problems, the list is endless. When asked by the natives, they made shocking yet truthful statements about the existing political party. A few months back, people have demanded a foot over bridge to reach Shiva temple, but no initiative was taken by the government. Coming to the developmental aspect, it was being termed as ‘worst’ by the locals. Due to poor road development, people tend to face lots of difficulties in commuting to different places.

When asked the main concern about the same, they told it’s because of poor coordination between MP and MLA, resulting in creating troubles for the public. Furthermore, there isn’t even proper cleanliness management near Kapila River, which creates problems for devotees.

jan ki baat- real face of kapila river

One of the drastic things that come into the picture is that most villagers have started leaving the village and some of them have already left. And the reason behind this is nothing but non-availability of water for drinking and irrigation.

After getting a glimpse of their overall problems, most residents even added, ‘it is quite challenging for Congress to make its government in the upcoming election’. This statement is alleged by almost all inhabitants.

The most surprising thing that strikes a lot is when locals were asked about Honorable PM Narendra Modi. They added, “He is working with great intention and should win the next year election (General Election 2019) as well”.

As far as women inhabitants are concerned, the government is doing nothing for them, neither providing shelter nor proper means of earning. They have been deprived of basic facilities as well.

Under Siddaramaiah government, people are worried about their livelihood. The main purpose of the government is to provide good living standard and proper infrastructure.

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