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Nanjangud Constituency can be a Challenge for BJP & JDS

Nanjangud Constituency can be a Challenge for BJP & JDS

With each passing day, the Karnataka election 2018 is heading nearer, making political climate heating up a lot. This fierce battle will be conducted majorly between three parties, including BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party), INC (Indian National Congress), and JDS, i.e. Janata Dal (Secular). For a proper estimation of Karnataka election 2018, our ‘Jan Ki Baat’ team with CEO, Pradip Bhandari, reached Nanjangud constituency to talk with residents.

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Undoubtedly, this upcoming Karnataka election is going to be a high voltage political brawl between BJP, Congress, and JDS. Talking with reference to BJP, it’s about determining the voters’ point of view ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha polls. On the other hand, for Congress, it’s about survival as Karnataka is the only state where this political party is still in power. At last, for JDS, it’s about getting more votes from villagers and Dalits.

It has become a life and death kind of situation for all of them.

Coming to the overall voters, the numbers have increased as compared to 2013 assembly elections. Now, there are over 2 lakh voters comprising Dalits, Kurubas, Lingayats, Upparas, Nayakas, Brahmins, and Muslims. While Dalits and Lingayats will be the deciding factors and that’s the reason, both BJP and INC are focusing more on them.

When being asked about the existing Siddaramaiah government, the locals have different perceptions. Some of them told ‘they aren’t able to get a loan for their livelihood’ while others stated ‘the government gave loan for their children education’. However, most of them also added a statement that Congress is in a strong position as compared to BJP.

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The things get heated when employment issue comes into the talk. When asked by a group of youth, they said ‘unemployment is still a major concern that needs to be sorted out at earliest’.  They even added, ‘more employment opportunities should be provided in order to eradicate poverty from the state’. As far as farmers’ condition is concerned, they are bound to live a miserable life. Even ruling for five years in the state, farmers didn’t get the desired facilities, including proper water supply, loan availability, etc.

When asked about the work done by Siddaramaiah government in terms of infrastructure, the opinions were quite shocking. People added a statement while commuting to anywhere in the city, they face lots of difficulties as construction work is pending since ages. And, there is still no one to look after it.

When it was compared between JDS and Congress, almost all natives predicted that Congress will surely beat JDS. The competition, however, is quite challenging between BJP and Congress. Talking about ground reports covered by our reporters, the area is flourishing but not at a pace that was expected.

Whether if you admit it or not, this Karnataka election 2018 will be an epic battle between these parties.

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