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Difficult for Congress to Stay in TNarsipur

TNarsipur Assembly Constituency          

TNarsipur is a town in Mysore district of Karnataka which is famous for both as a pilgrimage center and a tourist place. As Karnataka election 2018 is heading, all political parties are doing their best possible attempt in order to gain votes. To find out what TNarsipur constituency wants from its government, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ reached the place along with CEO & founder, ‘Pradip Bhandari’.

jan ki baat- TNarsipur

After a conversation with the natives of TNarsipur, we found that all of them aren’t happy with the work of Congress. When our team asked locals about the Siddaramaiah government, they told that the political party hasn’t done anything for them and they will not give their votes to Congress. For a deeper analysis, our team wants to find out the main reason behind it. And, what we came to know is quite shocking. Since, five years, the government hasn’t provided frequent water supply and electricity and construction work is pending since ages.

According to a local, named Nasir, the competition is quite tough between BJP and JDS. Coming to the developmental aspect of the town, it is quite terrible. When we asked locals about the same, they told the government failed to offer them the best of infrastructure facilities. Also, the government hasn’t ever planned or initiated something good for its people.

jan ki baat- talk with the locals of TNarsipur

Talking about the condition of farmers, it is getting worse day by day. When we asked natives about the farmers, they clearly stated that the government has not done anything for them; all political parties come only to get votes.

jan ki baat- Siddaramaiah

While talking with the locals, we found that Congress may not be able to win the upcoming Karnataka election. Furthermore, most of the natives also added a statement that ‘BJP would surely win in TNarsipur. However, we found only a few supporters of JDS.

As far as the conversation with locals is concerned, there are chances of BJP to win the Karnataka election 2018.

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