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Know the Ground Report in Sugar City- Mandya

Popularly known as sugar city, Mandya is located in Karnataka state and holds a population of almost 1.31 lakhs. The city also holds a number of educational institutes, making it a preferred destination across the country.  The Karnataka election 2018 is going to be held on 12 may and the political tension is also rising day by day. Thus, it becomes quite important to get the proper prediction about the upcoming election. Our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with CEO & founder, Pradip Bhandari, reached Mandya Constituency.

jan ki baat- Mandya

When our team asked natives about Siddaramaiah government, they said that the ruling party should do something about the constituency. They even stated that the issue of Kaveri River is the most important one, and the government is doing nothing about it. Some of the people even said that the representatives come only during the elections when they need votes.

jan ki baat- siddaramaiah

When we asked locals about their viewpoints, they simply said, ‘we want a party that does work for the welfare of its people, especially farmers. Our team found that almost in every constituency of Karnataka, the condition of farmers is quite worse. When we asked locals about the same, they totally agreed and added that ‘the government hasn’t done anything for farmers and this is the reason, most of them left the village. They alleged that the government should do something about farmers as they are the only source of country’s livelihood.


However, in Mandya constituency, we even came to know that Congress is quite stronger than BJP. Perhaps, some locals are happy with the work of Siddaramaiah government. Therefore, now the main competition arises between JDS and Congress.

As far as prediction is concerned, it can be said that in Mandya, Congress may win the upcoming Karnataka election 2018.

The largest opinion poll will be announced by Jan Ki Baat between 4th and 8th April, having partnership with republic TV and Suvarna channel. To get latest updates regarding the upcoming election, poll information, people and news, just get in touch with ‘Jan Ki Baat’. Our team promises to offer you the most precise information about constituencies and also an accurate election prediction.




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