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BJP has Huge Followers in Narshimbharaja Constituency

Karnataka election 2018 is going to be held on 12 May 2018 and once more, people will have the power to choose their CM and representatives. The state has 224 constituencies and the party with the majority will make the government. All the political parties have started campaigning and striving hard to please the locals. Therefore, it becomes important to get information about each constituency for an accurate election prediction. To get an impeccable political analysis, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with CEO & founder, Pradip Bhandari, reached Narshimbharaja constituency.

jan ki baat- Narshimbharaja

When our team asked locals about the existing ruling party, they all have made similar perceptions. They said ‘Siddaramaiah government failed to take care of its people and has done nothing in respect to development’. Talking about transportation and roads, they aren’t in a good condition and also no proper public transport facility is provided to people. Furthermore, after a deep conversation, we even found people saying that ‘it is one of the most corrupted governments that always supported corruption’.

Coming to the other parties, JDS and BJP, it seemed people are much more attracted towards BJP. And, the reason behind this is quite simple as they’re dissatisfied with the existing government. While being asked by the natives about the work done since five years, they clearly said that people aren’t provided with basic facilities, including proper electricity, frequent water supply, good education, etc.

One of the terrible things that come into the existence is that the Siddaramaiah government hasn’t provided loans to farmers. As a result, some of them already left the village. They have been deprived of proper irrigation facilities.

jan ki baat- siddaramaiah

For further analysis, our team went to a group of women and they also stated the same statement. They also said that ‘for a corruption-free nation, women should come into politics’.

Undoubtedly, the statements said are somewhat true to the great extent. However, what’s the use of repenting now when everything is finished.

The government should take necessary steps to provide all necessary facilities for a good living environment.

As far as prediction is concerned, it can be said that BJP may triumph in the upcoming Karnataka election 2018.

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