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Tough Competition in Krishnarajanagara Constituency

Political tension is rising rapidly as the Karnataka election 2018 is getting closer day by day. All of three political parties, namely BJP, INC, and JDS are doing their best in order to attain maximum votes. Thus, it becomes important to keep a strict eye on the upcoming election. For a proper political analysis of each constituency, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with founder & CEO, Pradip Bhandari, reached Krishnarajanagara to get the best election coverage.

jan ki baat- Krishnarajanagara

When our team was about to talk concerning upcoming elections, all of them started cheering up for PM Modi. This thing clearly stated that BJP has a strong foothold in Krishnarajanagara as compared to Congress or JDS. When being asked natives about the current government, almost each of them made negative comments. They added ’Siddaramaiah government has done nothing for people, as natives are bound to live a despondent life’. Moreover, we also got to know that during the tenure of five years, Congress failed to provide even the basic facilities such as proper water supply, good transportation, and loan for farmers.

Talking about the problems, the list is endless. Here are the common troubles that Krishnarajanagara is currently facing under Siddaramaiah government.

  • Unemployment: It is also one of the major concerns that need to be sorted out at earliest. When our team asked youth about career and occupation, our team came to know that the government overlooked the employment aspect completely. A large number of people are unemployed for years and the worst part is that the government still isn’t doing anything for them.


  • Poor Education Facility: Education is the only platform that helps individuals to achieve their dreams. In Krishnarajanagara, students, however, are deprived of education facilities as the schools don’t have proper teaching faculties and lack basic necessity, like water and electricity supply. Furthermore, students are bound to give heavy donations, making whole education system corrupted and disorganized.


  • Inadequate Funds for Public: When our team approached auto drivers, and talk about the existing ruling party, they clearly stated, ‘the government hasn’t done anything for us’. They even added that ‘the money which comes from the government for public gets squandered by mediators’.

jan ki baat- Siddaramaiah

As a whole, it can be said that the chances for Congress government to win the Karnataka election 2018 are quite less. Our team even found that some people are happy with the work of Siddaramaiah government.


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