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JDS is Giving a Tough Competition to Congress in Chamundeshwari

As Karnataka election 2018 date is coming closer, Chamundeshwari assembly constituency has become a political battlefield between Congress and JDS. The battle, however, is going to be more interesting as the chief minister Siddaramaiah himself is contesting from Chamundeshwari constituency. As a matter of fact, it is a high voltage seat, thus all political parties are roaming every corner of the area to gain maximum votes. For an accurate election prediction, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with CEO and Founder, Pradip Bhandari, reached Chamundeshwari constituency. And, what our team came to know is worth looking at.

Talking about the caste break up in Chamundeshwari, the figures are as follows: Vokkaliga-75,000, Naika(ST)- 45,000, Kurubas- 40,000, Vishwakarma- 16,000, Lingayat+Veerseva- 25,000 and Muslim- 12,000.

jan ki baat- Chamundeshwari

When our team asked natives about the existing ruling party, they told the government hasn’t done anything for its people. Furthermore, the situation isn’t even up to the mark here. People are deprived of basic necessities such as proper shelter, regular water supply and electricity, etc. While some of them even stated that ‘under Siddaramaiah government, the issue of unemployment hasn’t solved yet and most people are bound to sit ideal at their homes’.

Ruling for almost five years, the government hasn’t done anything and people are struggling hard to get a means of livelihood. Coming to the problems under Siddaramaiah government, a local stated that Chamundeshwari is currently facing many difficulties like lack of employment opportunities, poor transport facilities, broken roads, improper water supply for cultivation, etc. Some natives also added that CM Siddaramaiah comes during election time only.

jan ki baat- siddaramaiah

After a deep conversation with the nearby people, we found that people are really distressed here and looking for a new political party that can do wonders for them. That’s where JDS comes into the play. The things go interesting when we asked people about JDS as they added a statement that they want JDS to win the Karnataka election 2018 from Chamundeshwari.

It can be said there are chances that JDS may take over in Karnataka election 2018.

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