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It’s impossible for JDU to Overpower BJP, JDS and Congress in Channagiri

With the upcoming Karnataka election 2018, the fight between political parties, namely BJP, Congress, JDS, and JDU is heating up with each passing day. However, the battle can said to be a crucial one, because Channagiri is counted among important constituencies of Karnataka. All candidates have already started their campaigning for the election going to be held on 12 may 2018. For a better political analysis, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with CEO and founder, Pradip Bhandari, reached Channagiri to know what locals really want.

jan ki baat- Channagiri

Our team, somehow, managed to get an in-depth analysis of Channagiri constituency and what we came to know is worth reading. When we asked locals about the upcoming Karnataka election, all of them gave different viewpoints. Some of them stated that BJP may win, while some stated JDS, while some confirmed JDU. Talking about the majority, most of them alleged that JDU may win the election. The reason we came to know about this was that JDU candidate has a good image in front of public.

Coming to the existing government, some natives stated that Congress has provided them rice free of cost. When our team, however, asked about increasing unemployment, they all seemed to be hushed. This thing clearly stated that Siddaramaiah government failed to provide employment opportunities for youth.

jan ki baat- siddaramaiah

In addition to problems, the existing government hasn’t provided proper water supply to farmers for cultivation. Because of this, the condition of farmers is degrading day by day.

Truly speaking, there is a strict competition between JDS, JDU, and BJP. But, as far as the majority is concerned, the chances for JDU are quite higher than others.

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