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Locals Supporting JDS Over Congress in Shrirangapattana

Just a few days away from Karnataka election 2018, Shrirangapattana has become an epic battlefield for political parties, namely BJP, JDS, and Congress. Being a major constituency, all political parties are doing campaigning day and night. No matter, how small or big is a constituency, each of them matters a lot. For an in-depth political analysis of this constituency, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with CEO and founder, Pradip Bhandari, reached Shrirangapattana to conversate with locals.

jan ki baat-Shrirangapattana

When we asked natives about the upcoming Karnataka election, they told there is a tough competition between all parties. However, JDS has a strong foothold in Shrirangapattana constituency, further added by locals. Talking about the existing ruling party, some of them stated that Siddaramaiah government hasn’t done much work and may be out of this election. Coming to the problems, the most important one is Kaveri Dam. People alleged that the government should do something about the same, but there’s no one to look after it. Furthermore, they even added that the area is still facing major concerns, like improper water supply, poor road construction, and farmers haven’t been provided with enough water for cultivation. In addition to the problems, locals also told that JDS may take over in the upcoming election.

jan ki baat- siddaramaiah

Talking about the winning percentage, the locals added that there are more chances for JDS to make the government. Our team even observed that BJP doesn’t have much superiority in Shrirangapattana constituency.

However, some of the natives stated there is a head to head fight between Congress and JDS, making this battle an epic one.

According to the survey, we found that the fight is quite tough but it seems like JDS may emerge victorious in Shrirangapattana constituency.

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