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Political Competition getting heated up in Ron

Ron is a small town located in Gadag district that holds a number of temples built by ancient architect Dronacharya. Assembly elections are just a few days ago, and as expected, Ron constituency is slowly transferring into a fierce battleground. Therefore, it is important to find out the accurate election prediction, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with CEO & founder, Pradip Bhandari, reached Ron assembly constituency.

When our team asked locals about the competition, they stated that they are facing a lot of issues and the government isn’t providing any facilities. In respect to issues, people added there is fluoride water supply, broken roads, disabled street lights, poor maintenance of infrastructure, etc. The worst part is that people are bound to drink fluoride water and the existing government isn’t doing anything about the same. We found these issues almost in every constituency.

jan ki baat- G.S. Patil

When we took an in-depth analysis of the area, it seems like there is a tough fight between Kalakappa Bandi from BJP and MLA G.S. Patil from Congress. Some of the natives even added that there is a limited support for JDS, i.e. Janata Dal (Secular).

It can be clearly said that it is a battle of prestige for G.S. Patil whereas, for BJP, it is a battle to unite the majority Lingayat vote.

jan ki baat- Kalakappa Bandi

However, predictions can change with the course of time. As a whole, our team found that in Ron constituency, the battle is quite tough between BJP and Congress.

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