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Sriramulu Can be a Major Factor Despite not Contesting in Gadag

On 12 May 2018, Karnataka election is going to be held and the tension among parties can be clearly seen. Undoubtedly, the battle will be quite tough as all of them have a strong foothold in their respective constituencies. For an accurate election prediction, our team ‘Jan Ki Baat’ along with CEO & founder, Pradip Bhandari, reached Gadag constituency to know what people really want from the government.

jan ki baat- gadag

When we asked natives about the existing ruling party, they told that ‘our MLA, H.K. Patil has done some work in villages and even provided shelters’. In addition, a native stated that a community center has been fabricated under H.K Patil government. However, the things got heated up when some locals added a different perception. They stated that the area near bus stand is in a bad condition and there’s no one to look after it. Furthermore, since 20 years, people demanded double lane road, but no initiative was taken by any government. Talking about the problems, the list is infinite. Irregular water supply and electricity, poor transport facility and broken roads are the prime concerns of Gadag constituency, further added by natives.

Many locals stated that water comes only in a month. However, whenever there is election time, water comes twice a day. This thing really saddened the locals and they clearly said, the government comes only for votes and has nothing to do with the welfare of people.

Coming to the political competition, some of the natives stated the competition is somewhat tough between BJP and Congress. Though, Sriramulu (Member of Parliament) is not contesting the election, but still can be a major swing for BJP. In respect to the work done by the existing MLA, H.K. Patil, we found that people seemed quite distressed.

jan ki baat- H.K. Patil

According to the survey conducted, it seems like there are some chances for BJP government to take over the Karnataka election 2018. However, things might change with the time.

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