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65% Janta disapproves Mahagathbandhan: Jan Ki Baat-My Nation Poll reveals






Key Features:

  1. Sample size: 10,000

  2. Key Questions:

  1. Do you think Mahagathbandhan of opposition parties will be good for India?
  2. How long do you think Mahagathbandhan government, if it comes to power will survive?
  3. What role will Congress play in Mahagathbandhan?
  4. Who will be likely PM face from Mahagathbandan if it comes to power?

(This is largely in Mahagathbandhan supporters)

  1. Will Mahagathbandhan take country or economy forward?
  2. What according to you is common thing that unites Mahagathbandhan?
  3. Can it take on Modi and oust him?   



3 Sampling: Geo-strategically selected units through purposive sampling

  1. Technique: Structured, face to face interviews (on and off camera)
  2. Unique features:
  3. Data collected and sourced, and videos recorded by verified citizen’s reporter network apart from team reporters and researchers,
  4. Strategic sites: Markets, Colleges, Farmland, Rural Chaupals, Standalone locations, Bus stand, Railway station, Airport, Basti, Villages, Corporate offices, Agricultural markets, Restaurants, Chai-points.

State specific representative sites.

7. Demographics: Based on – age, gender, income levels, religion, caste, physical ability and occupations; (i.e. among women, youth, economically weaker sections, religious minorities, farmers, Dalits, differently-abled, middle-class, small-businesses, senior citizens).







































READ FULL PDF REPORT HERE- Mahagathbandhan Report

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