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Fake news in the Times of a Pandemic

By Priyam Shukla and Mukul Sharma on March 31, 2020

An event of mass influence and fake news is a customary amalgamation India is witnessing ever since the undocumented technological revolution influxed into the grass-root levels of Indian Society. Fallout information coming out of Social Networks can be a big threat to the society itself. The ongoing Pandemic — COVID-19 is the subject of a parallel ‘Infodemic’ whose main content contributors are the quasi-woke people with their hands on a mobile phone and an ever-tickling craving to educate the proximal fellow beings with related information irrespective of its credibility. Hundreds of Whatsapp forwards about ‘Corona virus’ are being circulated in this global emergency which is often seen affecting people in a way which imparts from concepts like Common sense and basic scientific temperament of society at large. Following are some such fake news elements which have made the society act in a way it should not have while reacting to an emergency of this intensity.

Contagion horror of Delhi’s Anand Vihar via Whatsapp forwards:

(Translation: “Important information — If any of your acquaintance from Uttar Pradesh is stuck in Delhi then the Uttar Pradesh government has arranged the Transport for them. Buses will be available from Anand Vihar Bus Terminal…”)

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