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A friend who admires Mr Modi was very happy at the SC judgement on the Gujarat riot case filed by an MPs wife in which SC has held that this whole narrative built by people like Ms Tista Setalvad, Sonia Gandhi ( मौत का सौदागर ) etc , the muslim citizens in general, was a figment of imagination and a wile calumny against Mr Modi. There is no truth to the fact that Mr Modi masterminded any riot against the muslims. It is baseless and viscious. And SC has chastised the two Quisling IPS officers who helped Congress and the muslims to falsely target Mr Modi. I was only satisfied that Mr Modi got justice but not terribly thrilled. Because I know that, this is the SC, but even if God, Allah, Brahman, Gurunanak, Mahavir, Buddha, Rama, Krishna et all were to say Mr Modi is innocent, these scums of the earth, who accused him, would accept their word and at least apologise to Mr Modi. Muslims will still enbloc vote against Mr Modi. Treacherous Indians will still rave and rant against India in general, and Mr Modi in particular, abroad because they get paid huge sums of money from US, Europe, China, Pakistan etc to spread such false narratives.

What I admire about Mr Modi is that despite the ingratitude shown by muslims after he did so much for them, he holds no grudge. He keeps pleading with everyone for सबका विकास, सबके साथ, सबका विश्वास, सबका प्रयास. Look at that man Abbas. He stayed in Mr Modi’s home for years. Mr Modi’s mother fed him lovingly, helped him finish his studies, let him practice his religion in the house, and what does he do ? Not once he mentions this fact when people called Mr Modi a muslim hater.

The Mother of Pondicherry said somewhere that ‘ Gratitude is most difficult to carry “. In fact, my brother-in-law states this philosophy. He told me ” Prabeer moshai, I don’t want to take help from anybody because then whole life s(he) expects you to be obliged to him “. As a policy he does not seek anyone’s help.

Mr Modi is a vedantist. So, he works for the people of India following Sanatan dharma, which is nishkam karma. Whether you hate him or love him he will do what is his dharma. One man once told Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar ” Sir, so-and-so was foul mouthing you “. Vidyasagar said ” That’s strange ! I have never helped him ”

Hindus believe that one should not falsely slander any good man. Anyone who works for his nation and helps the poor is a good man. Tistaji, Soniaji, Manishankar Iyer, NDTV and their cohorts and large muslim population of the country have falsely slandered Mr Modi and he has not reacted. Natures laws will play out. After 100 sins Sheeshupal will lose his head !

Jai Hind !

Vande Mataram !

Prabeer K Basu

Author and columnist

[Former Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture Former Member, Central Administrative Tribunal]


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