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All is not well in Modi’s adopted village Jayapur

Pradip Bhandari, interviews the residents of Modi’s adopted village Jayapur infront of the Pradhan’s house and talks about the developement- sanitation, electricity and other facilities in the village.

Jayapura Village was adopted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi under his flagship rural developement project, the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna. It lies in the constituency of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Earlier that day, renowned journalist Bhupendra Chaubey twitted about the apal condition of sanitation in the village alleging that the sanitation facilities aren’t upto the mark according to the funds released for the same. The prime minster is to stay in Varanasi for the coming three days.

Talking to the people of the village, Team Jan ki Baat found out that before Modi adopted the village, the village was in shambles. But now as resident Rawal Singh says, they have proper roads, water tanks, powerplants and schools for the education of the children. They have two solar power plants in the vicinity of the village and they get an electricity supply for a total of 12 hours from 6pm to 6am in the morning.

Team Jan ki Baat found several pits in the village roads to Jaipur near the Raja lake. The residents say that it was supposed to be looked after the Pradhan Sundersingh Patel. The sanitation facility is not upto the mark. It can be improved if the government spent 30,000 per toilet as against the current expenditure of 14,000. The electricity supply hours could be prolonged if the capacity of the power plants are increased.

There have been developement in Jayapur village but there is scope for more. Proper co-ordination on the part of the Pradhan and the minsters are needed for a better future of the residents of Jayapur.


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