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BJP’s landslide victory in UP Elections 2017

Pradip Bhandari and Akriti Bhatia from Jan ki Baat interviewed a group of BJP supporters outside the BJP office post UP Elections win. The party was overjoyed with the UP clean-sweep win in the elections and exclaimed that its not just a victory, its a storm.

The supporters said that some parties collaborated and won in the 2014 elections but the BJP is back on track with a renewed vigor and they are preparing for the 2019 elections as well. All the political parties want BJP to lose but BJP has proved to be undefeatable. Under Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s leadership, the UP-Gujarat pair has won hearts. The supporters further resounded with the cries of ‘Aadhi roti khayenge, mandir wahin banayenge.’

Former chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav was criticised by BJP supporters as he had been against his father. They said that he had committed a mistake by giving his support to Congress. He couldn’t keep peace in his family, how will he run a country, or a state for that matter? BJP has toiled hard to win the hearts of the citizens and its victory is well deserved. This is the victory of the youth.

A citizen from North-east said, she is happy with BJP’s progress in Manipur elections and yelled the cry of ‘Long live BJP, long live Modi.’

Another supporter was of the opinion that the BJP sarkar in UP will take UP in the road of success. She says that a large number of women participated in the elections and voted for BJP because Modi generally focuses on the upliftment of women no matter what community they belong to and they feel safe under the leadership of Modi.

Akhilesh Yadav’s slogan ‘Kaam bolta hai’ was dissolved in the background. The supporters jested that SP-Congress’ cycle is now punctured.

The victory set to an end the BJP’s 14-year exile in the state which has been ruined  by BSP and SP in the last decade. The BJP registered the biggest ever victory by any political party in Uttar Pradesh since Indira Gandhi led Congress to 309 seats in 1980 before the state was divided.


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