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Congress silent after winning Punjab, proclaim BJP polarised masses in UP

Pradip Bhandari and Akriti Bhatia from Jan ki Baat interviewed Sunny Dhiman from NSUI, Mr.Nami and Mr.Nigam from Congress post the Congress win in Punjab elections in the Headquarters of the Congress Party. Instead of the festive cheer, the Congress headquarters was in silence.

Sunny Dhiman says that the people of Punjab are smart and hence they’ve chosen a responsible government like Congress. The Congressmen also said that BJP uses polarization of the masses as a tool to gain support. The Ramjas debate was extended to polarize the votes in UP. BJP uses non-Jat, non-Yadav, Brahman and Thakurs as their tools to promote Jatiwaad Politics. If we keep promoting religion with caste, the castism won’t come to an end in India. The BJP now has a majority in the centre as well as in the state of UP, it would also get a majority in the Rajya Sabha in the time to come. It is a chance for the party to prove its worth. If it fails to do it, history would destroy it. This is how it is, Congress had a vote bank of 70-80% at the time of Indira Gandhi, and now it lies with the BJP.

The Congress has also began to internalize its limitations. It lacks strict leadership apart from a select few leaders like Captain Amrinder Singh. The INC also has to shift its focus to the OBC. It lacks technology which is the new method of glass-root politics. The Social democrats had put ‘religion’ on a back-step but the Congress has to move forward taking the good parts of all the religions. Congress has to put emphasis on the women and minorities like OBC to gain their support.

The Congress has thus identified Polarization and the Ramjas incident as the prime reasons for the success of BJP. However, if this was true, the Ramjas incident would have turned people anti-BJP, which did not happen. The Congress will also focus more on the OBCs. Congress Party needs to think out-of-the-box to emerge as a very strong opposition. It is responsible for its own demise and there has been zero cross corrections. It is just an high command party with no true leadership and hence requires a restructuring.


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